"The world is an idea." -- Petar Nikolov 2075.911.bg 

"The idea of the world is U-Model.org" -- Petar Nikolov  2076.911.bg 


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Dear Esteemed Religious Leaders and Clergy Worldwide,

I am reaching out to you as representatives of diverse faiths and beliefs, united by a common desire for peace and harmony in our world. Today, I bring to your attention a concept that holds potential for fostering global unity and reducing conflicts – U-Model.org.

U-Model.org is a framework for sustainable governance, designed to resonate with universal values and principles that transcend religious and cultural differences. It advocates for a management approach in state apparatus that minimizes the risk of wars and conflicts, promoting peace and cooperation among nations.

This model is not affiliated with any single belief system, but rather, it is equally distant yet close to the hearts and minds of all who believe in a world governed by justice, compassion, and mutual respect. Its principles align with the core values found in many religious teachings – those of peace, stewardship, and the betterment of humanity.

I humbly request your support for U-Model.org and seek your endorsement in a joint declaration for its consideration by the United Nations and world governments. Such a declaration would symbolize our shared commitment to a future where governance is guided by universal values that all faiths can embrace.

Your leadership and unified voice can significantly impact how nations approach governance, steering the world towards a path of peace and cooperation.

With respect and hope for a united future,

Petar Nikolov

Vanga, also known as Baba Vanga, is a Bulgarian prophetess who became famous for her predictions and healing abilities. She was born on January 31, 1911 (see 911.bg), and passed away on August 11, 1996. Vanga was blind from an early age, but she claimed that this gave her the ability to see the future.

Vanga says that "God is one and religions will soon find a common goal and all of humanity will believe in one truth." This is a prediction for the unification of religions and for greater peace and harmony in the world.

Every prophecy is, in fact, an unconscious desire for the realization of events that meet the expectations of society. The moment has now come, and we must pay tribute to the compassion and dedication of the blind woman who charted the path of humanity while living in the small country of Bulgaria, located in the geometric center of the world.

See video: The Rooted Man on "The navel of the Earth" - near the city of Sofia, Bulgaria - 42.6167, 25.4000 - https://youtu.be/Y_RdgDvREgA.

According to some sources, Vanga predicts that the unification of religions will happen in 2024. She claims that this will be the result of a global crisis that will force people of different religions to work together to overcome it.

Other sources claim that Vanga did not give a specific date for the unification of religions. She just said that it will happen in the near future.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Vanga was right about the unification of religions. If this happens, it will be one of the most important events in human history.

Here is a quote from Vanga that refers to the unification of religions:

"In the future there will be a great unification of religions. People will realize that all faiths lead to the same God."

This quote suggests that Vanga believed that the unification of religions was inevitable. She also suggests that this unification will be based on the idea of the unity of all people, regardless of their religion.

Vanga's predictions of the unification of religions can be viewed through the lens of U-model.org. Both concepts are based on the idea of unity and cooperation between different groups.

U-model.org offers a framework for sustainable governance that promotes understanding and working together for the common good. This framework can also be applied to the unification of religions. If people of different faiths can understand and respect their differences, they can work together to achieve common goals.

In the context of Vanga's predictions, U-model.org can be seen as a tool that supports the pursuit of a more integrated and harmonious society. U-model.org can help people of different faiths find common values and cooperate to solve global problems.

With its principles of universality, practical applicability and support for dialogue and research, U-model.org can contribute to building foundations for societies in which differences are respected and common solutions to global problems are sought.

In this sense, U-model.org and Vanga's predictions can be seen as parts of a bigger picture in which we strive for a better future through cooperation and understanding between different groups and cultures.

Here are some specific ways U-model.org can help bring faiths together:

Facilitating interfaith dialogue: U-model.org offers a structured approach to dialogue that can help people of different faiths understand each other better.

Promoting interfaith cooperation: U-model.org can help people of different faiths work together to achieve common goals, such as fighting poverty or climate change.

Support for the study of religions: U-model.org encourages the study of religions, which can help to better understand different religious traditions.

Of course, the unification of religions is a difficult task that will require the efforts of people of all faiths. U-model.org can be a valuable tool to achieve this goal, but it is not a panacea.