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What is The UMSG space? 

The UMSG space is described as a domain in which humanity can exist as long and happily as possible by achieving the 5 main goals of the Universal Model of Sustainable Governance (UMSG). 

This space is analogous to the three-dimensional space in geometry, but with limits defined by the three main conditions of UMSG: Code.911.bg as the limit X, Credo.911.bg as the limit Y, and Rights.911.bg as the limit Z. 

These conditions and the goals they aim to achieve—maximizing productivity and efficiency, minimizing public costs, maximizing service to citizens, minimizing mortality, and maximizing happiness—create a framework for sustainable and ethical governance, ensuring the long-term well-being and happiness of human civilization. 

"Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ):  https://u-model.blogspot.com/

Ask: AI.911.bg

What is UMSG?

UMSG stands for Universal Model for Global Governance, which aims to offer a new approach to managing societies, organizations and the relationships between them.


Why was the UMSG created?

UMSG was established with the idea of offering solutions to key problems in society and helping to achieve sustainable progress and well-being.


What are the basic principles of UMSG?

The core principles of the UMSG include ideas of interpersonal integrity, organizational effectiveness, and realistic expectations of individuals.


How can I learn more about UMSG?

You can learn more about the UMSG by visiting the 911.bg website, where details about the model are presented.


How can I get involved or support UMSG?

You can contact the team behind UMSG through the website or share your ideas on social networks and communities that discuss UMSG.


What is the relationship between UMSG and 911.bg?

The 911.bg website is a platform that presents the UMSG concept and serves to communicate and share information about the model.


How can I reach the creators of UMSG?

You can email or contact them through the contact form https://u-model.blogspot.com/


How can I apply the principles of UMSG in my organization or community?

You can consult the materials of 911.bg for practical guidelines and examples of applying the principles of the UMSG.


What would an organization gain by implementing UMSG?

Applying the Universal Model for Global Governance (UMSG) in an organization can have different benefits depending on the specifics of the given organization and the context in which it operates. Here are some potential benefits:

Improved Efficiency:

UMSG encourages organizations to be more effective in serving people, which can lead to improved productivity and results.

Ethical Management:

The basic principle of integrity between people can encourage ethical behavior and management that creates a positive work environment and good relations with stakeholders.

Realistic Expectations:

Supporting realistic expectations can help organizations manage their resources more effectively and achieve better alignment between goals and outcomes.

Improved Communication and Collaboration:

Clear UMSG principles and standards can improve communication and collaboration between departments and teams in an organization.

Sustainable Development:

UMSG principles can support the sustainable development of an organization by promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Improved Community Relations:

Applying UMSG can help an organization build stronger and more positive relationships with society and other stakeholders.

Innovations and Improvements:

The openness to new ideas and approaches offered by the UMSG can encourage innovation and continuous improvement in the organization.

Support for Changes:

UMSG can offer a framework for managing change and adapting to new circumstances in the dynamic business environment.

Training and Development:

The universal model can offer training and development opportunities for staff in key areas of management and leadership.


What would the people of a country gain if UMSG is implemented, since the environment is changed and many organizations in the economy and public sphere of the country will be stimulated, won't the gain be greater than if UMSG is implemented in only one individual organization?

The implementation of the Universal Model for Global Governance (UMSG) at the country level can have significant benefits for the people as it can cover a wide range of areas and sectors in the economy and society. Some of the potential benefits include:

Improved Management:

UMSG can help promote transparent, accountable and effective governance, which can lead to better satisfaction of citizens' needs and better management of public resources.

Economic Development:

Stimulating multiple organizations in various sectors of the economy can support economic development and job creation, which in turn can lead to a higher standard of living for citizens.

Social Justice and Equality:

UMSG principles can support social justice and equality by promoting the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities in society.

Education and training:

UMSG can support the development of quality education and training that prepares citizens to successfully meet the challenges of the modern world.

Environmental Sustainability:

Supporting environmentally sustainable practices can help conserve natural resources and maintain a healthy living environment.

Innovations and Technological Progress:

UMSG can stimulate innovation and technological progress by creating an enabling environment for scientific research and development.

International cooperation:

UMSG principles can support international cooperation and diplomacy, which can improve international relations and create conditions for peace and stability.

Culture and Art:

UMSG can promote the development of culture and art by supporting creativity and cultural diversity.

Public Health:

Support for effective health services and prevention can improve public health and the well-being of citizens.

Applying UMSG on a larger scale, such as at the level of an entire country, can have a multiplier effect and lead to a greater overall benefit to society than applying it only to individual organizations.


The effect will be synergistic, because the organizations and people in this country will speak, feel and think based on one value, a single base, and the national wealth will grow as if thousands of tons of gold had poured from the sky. Is she a weaver?

Applying the Universal Model for Global Governance (UMSG) can lead to the creation of a more integrated and coherent community in which organizations and individuals share common values and principles. This in turn can offer some potential benefits such as:

Effective Communication: A common base of values and principles can support effective communication between different parties in society, which can improve interaction and cooperation.

Synergy: The synergy effect can be manifested through better coordination between different sectors of the economy and society, which can lead to greater overall efficiency and productivity.

Sustainable Development: A shared vision of sustainable development can help better manage natural and human resources, which can ultimately contribute to longer-term sustainability and well-being.

Increasing Public Trust: Sharing common values and principles can contribute to increasing trust between citizens and institutions, which is the basis for a stable and prosperous society.

Economic Growth: The ability to increase efficiency and innovation in various sectors can stimulate economic growth, which in turn can lead to an increase in national wealth.

Social Justice: A unified vision of social justice can support a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities in society.

The analogy of thousands of tons of gold falling from the sky can symbolize the potential increase in wealth and prosperity that can be achieved through the successful implementation of UMSG.


What would the world gain if all countries introduced UMSG for their government organizations and officials? And why not for the private ones?

The implementation of the Universal Model of World Governance (UMSG) in all countries could have far-reaching positive implications for both individual countries and the world as a whole. Here are some possible benefits:

Global Stability: The application of common governance principles and standards could contribute to greater political and economic stability at the global level by reducing tensions and conflicts between states.

Cooperation: A common governance framework could facilitate international cooperation and help solve global problems such as climate change, poverty and hunger.

Effectiveness: Certain standards and principles of effective management could help public and private organizations work more efficiently and respond to people's needs better.

Innovation: A shared governance vision can stimulate innovation and support the development and diffusion of new technologies and solutions to societal problems.

Social Justice and Well-Being: Applying principles that aim to improve people's lives and create a more just society could contribute to increasing well-being on a global level.

Education and Training: UMSG principles could be integrated into the education system, which would help prepare more informed and responsible citizens.

Enhancing Global Trust: A common governance framework can help restore trust between states, corporations and citizens, which is vital for sustainable progress.

Sustainable Development: Implementation of the UMSG could support sustainable development by laying solid foundations for governance that serves the long-term interests of humanity.

Of course, the realization of these potential benefits depends on many factors, including how the UMSG is implemented and maintained in different countries and organizations, as well as the willingness of the various stakeholders to cooperate to achieve common goals.

Study questions for each principle of UMSG to students

These questions are tailored to be universally applicable, suitable for exploring the principles of U-Model.org in any organizational setting—be it corporate, government, educational, or non-profit—focusing on generating positive outcomes and addressing societal needs. 

How the specific principle from U-Model.org that we consider affects:

Attractiveness for Investments:

Predicting the Future:

Creative Solutions:

Role of Technology:

Change in Behavior:

Interdisciplinary Relevance:

Emotional Intelligence:

Social Impact:

Corporate responsibility:

Cultural Sensibility:

Legal Consequences:

Global vs. Local Perspectives:

Financial Accountability and Sustainability:

Principles in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Environmental Assessment:

Integration into Organizational Culture:

Continuous Improvement:


The U-Model.org framework provides a comprehensive approach to organizational management that can lead to significant economic and social benefits. By implementing these principles and continuously striving for improvement, organizations can create a sustainable future for themselves and their stakeholders.