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Your unwavering commitment to healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and sheltering the homeless is both inspiring and essential. However, while these vital efforts address urgent needs, they often do not target the root causes of global suffering. To achieve lasting, transformative change, we must approach problems systemically.

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Bitcoins - bc1qx9w0ah9cftue5vffpzdss90ynlm8s55vv6qx4z 

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The environment in Bulgaria is always stopping me from capitalizing on my ideas. I began to realize who he was. This is how it happened when, at the beginning of the distant 90s, I created 911.bg - the ancestor of Amazon and Alibaba, I created globdisk.com - the ancestor of Onedrive, Googledrive, and Dropbox, and I created - feedback.bg - the ancestor of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After this Then I created the concept of a three-dimensional search engine that builds the so-called space of entities: 1 Subject, Action, and Location - it gave the beginning of artificial intelligence. Now I intend to give the world the concept of U-model.org (UMSG) and U-score.info, which is in two forms for natural and artificial intelligence - a space of the long-term stability of the existence of the mind. But Help me, because I do not work for myself, but for you. The world needs a U-model to survive.

But my influence in Bulgaria is difficult (many times they tried to kill me, shot me in the head with a gun, stabbed me in the liver with a knife, hit me on the head with skates, and stole everything from me). Here they used the state, municipal, and judicial administration as a way, to bankrupt me, I survived like a miracle, but every miracle is a matter of time if people don't realize it. The only way to destroy someone is to ignore them. Because of the record-high stupidity and thuggery, it's hard for me to capitalize on the good intentions, even criminals took advantage of me to accumulate billions here in the tomb of ideas - Bulgaria is world's  fastest dying nation screams! Crushed under the boot of an anti-human - bandit rule! The U-Model.org is my weapon against this! 

I built over 60 residential and administrative buildings in Sofia, I founded the main associations in the industry, but it was an unprofitable torture, here it is only profited from thefts and embezzlement of public funds, which I do not know how to do. At the beginning of democracy, I started a strike in the largest institute in Bulgaria and this helped to create a union of democratic forces. Then I helped the bandits ruling Bulgaria to realize that investments in infrastructure along the Silk Road are the most important, and thus strengthened their appetite for stealing. Then I experienced an administrative Hell. 

Unsolicited good is evil, so you must ask for it.


Here you can learn how not to do things in life, classify negative experiences and knowledge, and become wise without even wanting it. In Sofia, the capital of the world Wisdom.

We learn the concepts of Good and Evil from fairy tales, as children.

We teach them in school, our whole culture is based on the pursuit of goodness.

But for the last 15 years and more, we have been in the pit of evil where a Devil has usurped the function of God.

This contender for "STANDARD" and "LEADER" of all Bulgarians teaches us how "WINNING" is:

1. Stealing and disrespecting foreign borders and property.

2. To envy, not to compete according to the rules.

2. To lie and destroy the truth as the main threat to our miserable existence.

3. To stifle the talented and useful for society, not to respect other people's ideas and not to strive to have our own.

4. Let's not serve society, but the mafia.

5. To take away freedom of speech.

6. To treat experienced and wise people with disrespect.

7. To be pleasing to superiors and to crush inferiors, to reward the pleasing and not the deserving.

8. To betray and be betrayed, to have no national feeling, to be transformed into flesh.

9. To have no moral guidelines and authorities.

10. Let's not learn, but be "Simple" and evil in order to understand each other.

11. To break the rules and laws.

12. Mutually hindering and stumbling each other.

13. To be irresponsible and dishonest citizens and people.

14. To avenge and punish good intentions and deeds.

15. To be uncritical of the universal nastiness of MU rule and of evil in all its forms.

16. Not to believe in good, not to believe in our loved ones, not even to believe in ourselves, to be unhappy, poor, ignorant, simple and manageable

17. Not to think about the time behind us, not to respect the precious before us, to live like one-day flies.

18. It teaches us: To fail, to emigrate, to die the most in the world and to be born the least, to disappear without a trace.

Now, more than ever in our 1300 year history, we need a moral compass and a moral guide and that is http://U-score.info.

Other nations should learn from our tragedy, from our next National catastrophe, so that there is no repetition of this crime against humanity and humanity - anywhere in the world.


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