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U-Model.org vs. Democracy which is in any country exercising equal voting rights, and this is the worst governance. U-Model.org is the best governance in the World! 

Equal suffrage empowers mediocre people and stifles human progress. By averaging the expertise of mediocre people, we do not achieve heights in governance, but populism and distribution of corrupt money, through voting. At the moment in Europe, official statistics are that the mafia makes 70% of its money by redistributing public and European funds, by manipulating the vote, and not only in Europe, but everywhere in the world.

  U-Model.org offers an alternative.

Democracy has a birth defect, it gives out money by voting. Democracy is corruption by idea, by birth and by conviction.

Democracy is freedom for the bandit and the fool and prison and tyranny for the intelligent and socially useful people.

U-Model.org offer the Atom of  Governance, which will annihilate  anti-human and anti-material substance of democracy!

Equal suffrage namely Democracy is: (DEMO) Population collapse

Democracy is the worst government! 

This is Halloween

There is no way to get a value decision by averaging the vote of the average simpleton. In this way, society consumes decisions worse than the decision of the biggest simpleton. (Intelligent people don't even vote, and adding the votes bought with corruption and mafia money we understand the muddy world around us.)

Democracy is born after war, democracy always brings war and ends in war. The crowd has always fed on bread, populism and spectacle. 

This is the biggest Population collapse in the history.

The biggest theft in the history of mankind is to steal the future of  talent. This is the idea of democracy.  Fool &  Bandit vote with the majority to rob the  money, the  future & the life of the talented  intelligent man.

Artificial Intelligence, high energies and high technologies are incompatible with Democracy.  The end of the war will coincide with the beginning of the end of Democracy! People with philosophy and ideas will be able to control artificial intelligence. The structure of wealth and decision-making in all societies will shift towards them. Democracy, with its equal suffrage for thugs and fools, will be a hopelessly obsolete concept.

#Democracy vs. U-Model.org 


#Richest is most adapted to bad #governance 


Richest is most deserving person during good governance.

-- Petar Nikolov 2279.911.bg 


People with  philosophy and  ideas will be able to control artificial  intelligence. The structure of wealth and decision-making in all societies will shift towards them.  Democracy, with its equal suffrage for  thugs and  fools, will be a hopelessly obsolete concept. 

Democracy.911.bg is a genocide over talented people. If a large meteorite does not fall, the only reason for the extinction of the human species will be a violation of the law of natural selection. 

What is this monkey? A monkey is a person who is incapable of realizing the principles of the http://U-model.org. Apes are much more than humans. 

Before every election, the state must offer a choice to all voters: - one minimum wage or - right to vote. Those who choose the right to vote are obviously willing to sacrifice at least one minimum wage for the common good, and they deserve it. 

By merit I mean taxes paid to society, but not exactly. I am against taxes because they are money for nothing and feed the mafia - a billionaire and its thieves and servants - brainless officials - millionaires. I propose that taxes be replaced by insurance. The most deserving is the one who assumes the highest dose of public risk, in proportion to the amount of the insurance premium (tax). I lived in the most dying country in the world, Bulgaria, and I observed how death can be the goal of government, I observed how people around me died, I also died many times, and it made me wiser and stronger. 

Democracy.911.bg has resulted in the election of the greatest freaks, clowns, simpletons, psychopaths, mentally retarded with advanced dementia, such as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and Enk Sari, etc. elected completely democratically and by the majority vote of the average simpleton.

Democracy.911.bg is a mild form of  fascism that can get complicated in the winter or turn into  communism in the summer & many people die. It is a  pandemic of an incurable  virus that has lasted for more than 2,000 years.

The  rule of the  state must derive not from the average need or average ability of its citizens, but from the highest  aspiration of the born  talented. 

But they rule democratically elected, people-pleasing, lying, thieving bandits, racketeers and simpletons who ruin the lives of talented people and cause enormous damage to society. Always Democracy degenerates into fascism or communism.

Primary is the interest,secondary is the value systems and tertiary is the approval. This shows how untenable a derivative is democracy,which relies entirely on approval and Populism. Violating and manipulating the law of natural selection.