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Non-Conformance Report Register" associated with the Universal Model of Sustainable Governance (UMSG) 

Weekly Submission: Employees fill out the "Discrepancy Report Form" to document any non-conformances observed during the week.

Collection: At the end of each week, all submitted forms are collected and reviewed by the designated U-Model Coordinator or the non-conformance responsible person.

Review Meeting: The coordinator schedules a weekly operational meeting to discuss the reports, prioritize actions, and assign responsibilities for addressing the reported issues.

Action Plan Development: Based on the discussions, an action plan is formulated for each reported discrepancy, including timelines and responsible parties for implementation.

Implementation and Monitoring: The responsible parties implement the action plans, while the coordinator monitors progress and ensures that corrective actions are completed effectively.

Monthly Review and Bonus Allocation: At the beginning of each month, a monthly operational meeting is held to review the discrepancies reported in the previous month, evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken, and award bonuses to the employees who reported the most critical or helpful discrepancies.

Feedback and Improvement: The coordinator provides feedback to the reporting employees and incorporates lessons learned into future planning to continuously improve processes and standards.

This procedure ensures that discrepancies are promptly reported, reviewed, and addressed, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability within the organization.

Non-Conformance Report Tracking of

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