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for Management system of state and municipal organizations and employees

 Mr. President Radev,

I turn to you with deep concern for the fate of Bulgaria. I believe your unwavering commitment to the nation is inspiring and important, but it is time to address the root causes of our suffering.

Bulgaria is about to become a desert. The highest death rate in the world, low level of happiness, corruption, racketeering, helplessness - this is the everyday life of Bulgarians. Talented people leave the country, and those who stay struggle to survive.

You, Mr. President, can change history. The support of may prove to be the key to the salvation of Bulgaria. This innovative framework tackles the root causes of poverty, conflict, inequality and injustice.

The Universal Model of Sustainable Governance can bring:

Reducing mortality: through strategies to promote health, well-being, and resilience.

Increased happiness and flourishing: solutions prioritizing societal satisfaction and overall well-being.

Expanded Freedoms: Empowering the Talented, Not the Pleasing, for Greater Dignity and Autonomy.

Ending Deprivation: Comprehensive Approaches to Combating Poverty and Injustice.

The fault is not in a specific person but in the system. You, Mr. President, can change it. We all pray to you:

Go down in history as the savior of Bulgaria!

I am at your disposal for comments and clarifications.

With respect,

Peter Nikolov 

"The world is an idea." -- Petar Nikolov 

"The idea of the world is" -- Petar Nikolov 

Official letter

Date: 11.28.2023


World Leaders and Heads of State

Topic: Invitation to Discuss the Universal Model of Sustainable Governance (UMSG) as a World Constitution

Dear Leaders,

Imagine a future where has reshaped our world – a future where governance is not just a system, but a symphony of efficiency, empathy, and sustainability. Picture societies where every decision made by organizations is infused with the wisdom of long-term sustainability and the ethos of public good. Envision a world where corporate success is measured not only in profits but in contributions to societal well-being, where each organization is a pillar of community support and environmental stewardship.

In this future, has transformed the landscape of governance, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and progress. It's a world where businesses thrive by creating real value, not just for themselves, but for the entire planet. This is not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality that can begin with your commitment to embracing and implementing Let's step into this future together, crafting a legacy of positive change and enduring prosperity.

For the sake of global well-being and the sustainable future of our planet, I would like to invite you to gather for an important meeting aimed at discussing the potential of the Universal Model of Sustainable Governance (UMSG) proposed by for adoption as a World constitution.

The modern world faces many challenges - from military conflicts, such as in Ukraine and Palestine, to issues related to fascism and lawlessness in countries such as Bulgaria, where we are witnessing high mortality and social disintegration. These problems require a global response and joint effort.

The UMSG offers a framework that aims to unite the world's nations around common goals of sustainability, social justice and peace. This model offers innovative approaches to solving global problems by structuring governance to be effective, sustainable and accountable.

Our meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss these ideas as well as to develop strategies for their potential implementation. We call initially on the largest economies to set an example by considering adopting the UMSG for the benefit of their peoples and the world community.

We believe that such a meeting could be a critical step towards achieving a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Your leadership and commitment in this process would be essential.

Please confirm your attendance and availability for the meeting so we can arrange dates and locations that are convenient for everyone.

With respect,

Petar Nikolov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intertime Continental JSC

Draft Letter to the Prime Minister and the President